Clinically-proven effectiveness

  • In vitro evaluation of the cerumenolytic effect of A-CERUMEN on human earwax plugs


Evaluation of cerumenolytic effect   

The effect was evaluated through reduction in weight of earwax plugs. A-CERUMEN dissolved 61% of wax after one hour of incubation.

ConclusionTest results showed that A-CERUMEN had a significant effect on dissolving earwax plugs.


Evaluation of the quantity of earwax. 

Conclusion: A significant reduction in the quantity of earwax collected was observed by the ENT specialist, and the quality of the earwax was significantly reduced.


Comparison of the effectiveness of A-CERUMEN with saline solution and distilled water.

ConclusionOrder of effectiveness: 1 A-CERUMEN / 2 DISTILLED WATER / 3 SALINE SOLUTION


  • In vivo study: “Tolerance, effectiveness and acceptability of A-CERUMEN in preventing the appearance of earwax. Controlled testing by an ENT specialist.”  


In the context of the study protocol, a controlled test by ENT specialists of A-CERUMEN over 21 days on 59 people was conducted.


Effectiveness judged by the doctor

 Conclusion: The product was judged to be an effective means of:
• softening wax for 96% of people
• regulating the production of earwax for 94% of people
• preventing the appearance of earwax for 90% of people


Effectiveness judged by the volunteers

Conclusion: The product was judged to be effective by:
• 86% of volunteers in terms of gentleness of cleaning
• 82% of volunteers in terms of the elimination of earwax
• 77% of volunteers in terms of the prevention of the appearance of earwax and the regulation of earwax