The A-Cerumen solution

Ear hygiene is as important as keeping our noses and mouths clean.

The ear plays a fundamental role in perception and communication every day. Every day, the ears are exposed to the use of invasive equipment (headphones, earpieces hearing aids) and polluted and dusty environments. Intensively used, the ears can produce excess earwax which over time leads to the formation of earwax plugs.

A good ear hygiene routine is necessary and indispensable for maintaining a clean external ear canal. A-CERUMEN is a 2-in-1 solution which is a sure, gentle and effective way of keeping the whole family's ears clean. Based on surfactant plant-based ingredients, and with a preservative-free formula, A-CERUMEN makes it easier to remove earwax plugs, dissolving them and preventing them from forming.

The use of A-CERUMEN does not require any rinsing. It is a real alternative to mechanical extraction by an ENT specialist.

Non-irritating and easy to use, it can be used on children from the age of six months.


A-CERUMEN is the new and indispensable part of good ear hygiene, and a sure and effective way of caring for the whole family's ears.