Answers to your questions

  • Why is good ear hygiene important?

In theory, earwax is evacuated naturally towards the outside of the outer ear canal through the chewing movements of the jaw. When this process fails, it can lead to a build up of cerumen (earwax). The earwax plug which is formed changes the ear's natural function and can lead to a loss of hearing, humming, dizziness etc.

  • Why are cotton buds dangerous?

Aggressive cleaning with cotton buds is dangerous for ears. Only the pinna (outer ear) should be cleaned. The inappropriate use of cotton buds can irritate the ear canal and push earwax towards the bottom of the canal, creating a plug. Other mechanical tools such as ear picks, paper clips, etc. should not be used due to the risks of injury and perforating the eardrum. For more information, read the section on cotton buds.

  • How to use A-CERUMEN?

A-CERUMEN can be used to cure or to prevent earwax plugs

- for existing earwax plugs: three to four days, morning and night.

- for routine ear hygiene: twice weekly

No time needed to set up or rinse afterwards

  • How does A-CERUMEN work?

A-CERUMEN wets and then dissolves earwax plugs (dried and compacted earwax). Once this plug has been eliminated, the wax which serves a protective and lubricating role can once again be secreted.

  • Can A-CERUMEN be used for routine hygiene?

The two formats use the same formula, although the A-Cerumen spray is ideal for regular use in the context of good aural hygiene for all the family (around 270 sprays). Use a wet cloth to clean the tip after each use.

  • How can earwax plugs be removed?

The two formats contain the same formula, although the specially adapted and practical design of the A-Cerumen single doses is designed to dissolve earwax plugs without waste (use of ten single doses in five days).

  • Why do we have earwax plugs?

The quantity of earwax produced varies from one person to another. The causes are essentially genetic (excessive hairiness inside the ear canal, poor evacuation of earwax). But the production of earwax can be generated by particular activities (incorrect use of cotton buds, practising an aquatic sport, and the use of hearing aids).  

  • How long can sprays and single doses be used?

The spray should be used within three months of opening. Single doses should be used within 24 hours. The use by date should be respected. Our products have a three-year life-span from the date of manufacture.

  • How does A-CERUMEN differ from other products? 

A-CERUMEN consists of two surfactants which are carefully chosen for their effectiveness and their cutaneous tolerance (Socium Acylsarcosinate and Sucrose Ester). Due to its exclusive formula, A-CERUMEN forms part of a new, indispensable ear hygiene routine, which is a safe and effective way of caring for the whole family's ears.

  • What are the dangers of using A-CERUMEN?

There are no dangers associated with using A-CERUMEN, however it recommended to avoid using the product if you have an earache or a perforated eardrum, on anyone with a medical history involving the ears or the eardrum, and on people who have had tympanostomy tubes (grommets) fitted. Thanks to its gentle, easy-to-use formula, A-CERUMEN can be used from the age of six months