How A-CERUMEN works

A-CERUMEN wets and then dissolves earwax plugs (dried and compacted earwax). Once the plug has been eliminated, wax which serves a protective and lubricating role can once again be secreted. A-CERUMEN dissolves plugs which are already present and prevents them from appearing by regulating the accumulation of wax in the canal.

 => Preventative action

  • Used regularly as part of a good ear hygiene routine
  • Prevents the formation of earwax plugs.

 => When earwax plugs occur 

  • Dissolves the earwax plug.

Combined action of two surfactants   

1.  Surfactants attach onto the earwax plug.

2.  The earwax plug is fragmented (cerumenolytic action)

3.  The earwax is dissolved.