The A-Cerumen spray contains around 270 doses, and is ideal for regular use as part of the whole family's ear hygiene routine. Its generous spray format makes it easy to use and hygienic. Use a wet cloth to clean the tip after each use. 

The product is dispersed through the sides, rather than in a direct jet which can damage the eardrum. 

DOSAGE: For regular aural hygiene and to regulate the formation of earwax: Twice weekly.



1 - Tilt the head to the side which is not being treated.

2 - Spray twice into the ear.

3 - Massage the base of the ear.

4 - Return to upright position and wipe any excess product which might drip from the ear after use.


Other formats offered: A-CERUMEN single doses


These medical device is regulated health product. Read carefully the leaflet before use. Consult your pharmacist.